About Us was created with the idea of giving it uniqueness where the person will write contents himself / herself after paying for it. It is a Do It Yourself website live for pay and use. Your content should be written by you for being marketable .

Website design,content,etc does not viloate any laws of the world nor is it illegal.

This was hosted at cost of 17,000 rupees for pay and use of non insurance industry.

The website does not have registered users but has over 20,000 visitors from abroad Sri Lanka,Nepal,UK,Canada,USA, Australia, Singapore,UAE which is beneficial to companies registering for the purpose of getting indian or NRI investors. 

It was created by Vivek Hegde who is website owner with the help of the developers. He is having experience working in banking,cbs and retail banking implementation projects through Polaris working as vendor for SBI group,Anz and Test project.